Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Korean Brooch.. - SOLD OUT

Happily to announce that all korean brooch has been SOLD.

Tengkius to all yang membeli....
Stok baru kene tunggu .. 'tok ketua' pegi Korea lagi ..huhuhu

Sunday, March 15, 2009

JaDIkan MInat Anda SebagAI SUmbER RezeKI

Untuk mereka - mereka yang suka barangan avon tapi belum jadi ahli....
isk ..isk..isk..ruginya
meh jadi ahli..boleh dapat diskaun ..sambil2 tu boleh tambah pendapatan..

Murah je...RM15.00 je dapat free gift lagi..

cOME... LeT's Join TuppERWare

kengkawan sumer....

Ni untuk org - org yang suke tupperware...bermula dari minat menjadi satu bidang yang menarik

Let's join tupperware...

Keahlian cuma RM60.00 + Kit permulaan + mistery gift.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ezee Shoppin ~~ The Fastest & Easy way~~

Just a click away...

TupPErWAre KEMPen 9 FebruarY - 28 March

Kempen baru tupperware .... mari mari mari

Retail : RM127.20

NOW: RM110.00

Garlic Keeper

Set Of 4

Retail: RM119.80

NOW: RM86.00

Purchase with Purchase

(with every purchase of 2 garlic keepers)


Retail: RM98.00

NOW: RM79.00

Rice Dispenser

Retail : RM288.00

NOW: RM240.00

Pack n GO

Retail: RM81.20

NOW: RM58.00

Beverage Buddy :

Retail RM 34.60 NOW: RM30.00

Sports Bottle :

Retail RM 39.80 NOW: 35.00

Thirstquake Thumbler with Pouch :

Retail RM35.90 NOW: 30.00

Tea For Two

Retail : RM25.20

Two in the park

Retail : RM25.20

Modular Mates Square & Oval Set

Retail : RM113.40

NOW: RM77.00

Elegent Round

Retail: RM33.60

NOW: RM26.00

Fresh N Bright SEt

REtail: RM 91.10 Now: 58.00
Large Handy Jug

Retail: RM43.90 NOW: RM31.00

Stak N Stor Retail:

RM97.20 NOW: 66.00

Fridgesmart Set

Retail : RM152.00

NOW: RM103.00

Giant Canister

Retail : RM57.40 NOW: RM51.00

Mega Keeper

Retail : RM119.80 NOW: RM80.00

Deep Pocket Freezermate

Retail : RM85.20

NOW: RM61.38

Freezermate Starter Set

Retail : RM105.00

NOW: RM94.00

Tupperchef Wok

Retail : RM459.00

NOW: RM413.00

5pcs cookware set

Retail : RM699.00

NOW: RM449.00

Updated CleaRANCE Stock ~~ Tupperware~~



~~Melilea~~Organic Henry

It’s Unique, It’s Organic, It’s Delicious!


A cocktail of healthy and organic fruits uniquely formulated to quench your thirst and satisfy your taste for something refreshing and juicy. It is another health winner from the organic farm and laboratory of Dr. Henry Chang. This brand new range of organic drinks is bound to be a hit with your whole family as it has only organic fruits that are 100% natural.

Product Benefits
Specially formulated by Father of Organic Theory – Dr. Henry Chang

  • Made with organic fruits – 100% natural
  • No artificial colourings & flavourings
  • No tap water – no water at all
  • Easy-to-prepare, easy to drink
  • Choice of two refreshing flavours
  • Full of the goodness of fresh fruit – tastes great
  • Perfect on its own or mixed with Melilea Greenfield Organic

Made from a unique blend of your favorite organic fruits, Organic Henry Fruit Drink Mix come in two exciting fruit blends:


Citrus orange, lemon, strawberry, cranberry, papaya, rose hip
and natural fructose.
Green apple, lime, rose hip, cranberry and natural fructose.

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Direction for Consumption


~~Melilea~~ Greefield Organic

The best start to a healthy Organic Lifestyle…


Melilea Greenfield Organic is formulated by renowned researcher and organic specialist Dr. Henry Chang, and based on the world’s three most potent efficacies:

1. Functions of Organic Food
2. Function of Naturopathy
3. Function of Natural Healing

MELILEA Greenfield Organic contains more than 20 types of 5-star zero-pollution ingredients, including golden grains, vegetables and fruits, processed by using the latest and most sophisticated technologies. This wonderful treasure trove of botanical nutrients has been formulated to be in perfect harmony with our body.

Melilea Greenfield Organic provides a natural blend of soluble and insoluble fibers from natural organic plants sources, and is an excellent body cleanser. This all-natural organic functional food also replenishes your body with a wealth of botanical nutrients such as vitamins, mineral and phytonutrients (nutrient from plants).

Suitable for all ages and conditions:

  • Young, adolescent
  • Healthy, health conscious
  • General weakness, lethargy
  • Underweight/ overweight
  • Aged, golden years
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation
  • Irregular menses, menopause
  • Pre-natal/ post natal
  • Pre surgery/ post surgery
  • Freckles, pimples
  • Weak immune system

Directions for Consumption

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Mix 1 or 2 scoops of Melilea Greenfield Organic into a glass of water (about 250 ml). Stir well and drink immediately. You can mix with your favorite Melilea Organic Soya Drink, Melilea Organic Henry Apple Orchard or Orange Garden for better taste. Drink another glass of water within half an hour.

Consumption Tips
If you desire to maintain optimum health, consume twice daily, once in morning and once at night, half hour before breakfast and dinner. Please ensure adequate amount of water is consumed to prevent constipation.

Melilea Greenfield Organic may be consumed as a meal replacement or to alleviate hunger pangs. For those who desires to lose weight, consume it as a meal replacement. This will ensure rapid weight loss without the loss of essential nutrients.

~~Melilea~~ Progene

Discover Nature’s Answer to Inner & Outer Beauty...


Sunlight, pollution, cigarettes and stress
build up harmful free radicals that tend to ravage body system, leading to skin problems such as pigmentation, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Melilea Progene is a beauty and health supplement for men and women. It consists of Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme (SOD), an extremely effective antioxidant for fighting free radical and other ingredients that are traditionally renowned for their beauty promoting properties.

By combining western technology to extract SOD from young wheat grass and eastern herbals such as royal jelly, hydrolysed pearl powder, job’s tear seed, ginseng, lingzhi and Chinese yam, Melilea Progene protects against the signs of aging and helps you attain a youthful appearance.

Extensively tested and examined by scientific and research units, it has been found to be rich in nutrient ingredients and is significant as a complementary health product.

It is Ideal for …
Adults who would like to have beautiful and healthy skin complexion.

Directions for Consumption
Twice a day, 1 or 2 tablets each time. Best before meals.

Global Recognition and Coverage
Melilea Progene was created after stringent research and study. This unique product is the result of research done in 70 countries and through 3,500 periodicals and 3.2 million documents. The guiding principle of the development of this product is the application of the harmony of Yin and Yang of Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), as well as the latest western medical theory of using SOD enzyme to remove oxidized radicals.

halal Certified Halal

Monday, March 2, 2009

~~Korean Brooch~~ Updated

hmm dah tinggai sikit jek..kot2..ade yang berkenan lagi...