Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TupperWAre ~~~~ 17 Feb - 31 March 2010

1. Naturecare Colostrum + DHA chews * 120's
Rege Buku:  RM139.00
REge TEman:  118.00

2. Naturecare Colostrum + DHA chews * 15's
Rege :  RM20

1. Naturecare Green Tea 20's
Rege :  RM18
2. Naturecare Green Tea (2) 20's
Rege: RM36
Free:  Naturecare Green Tea 10's

1. Onion Keeper (1) 300 ml
12.8 cm (D) x 12.3cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM18.20
 Rege Buku:  RM14.90
REge TEman:  RM12.00

Choose yr coLOR pearl / Orange / Red / Yellow

Get All 4 and enjoy a discount n Gift
*Free ! onion Receipe Cards (3)

1. Onion Keeper (4) 300 ml
Rege Retail:  RM75.20
 Rege Buku:  RM53.60
REge TEman:  RM50.00
1. Wondelier Bowl (3) 800 ml
16.7 cm (D) x 8.17 cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM60.30
 Rege Buku:  RM48.20
REge TEman:  RM43.00
*Limited RElease
2. Active Quencher (1) 600 ml
8.5 cm (D) x 23.5cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM38.80
REge TEman:  RM34.00
*Limited RElease

2. Eco SOS set 
Large Square- A-way (1) 680ml
15.5 cm (L) x 14.5cm (W) x 4.5cm (H)
Environment Tumbler (1) 470 ml
7.8cm (D) x 19.4cm (H)
Environment Bag (1)

Rege Retail:  RM40.70
Rege:  RM36.60
*Limited RElease

Buy 2 sets and enjoy discount ! 
Eco SOS Set (2) 
Rege Retail:  RM81.40
Rege:  RM66.70
*Limited RElease

1. Sports Bottle (1) 750 ml
28.0 cm (H) x 8.5cm (D)
Rege Retail:  RM39.80
REge TEman:  RM35.00

2. High Handolier with Pouch * (1) 1.5l
23.65 cm (H) x 11.7cm (D)
Rege Retail:  RM52.90
REge TEman:  RM50.00

3. Thirstquake tumbler with pouch * (1) 470 ml
19.0 cm (H) x 10.0cm (D)
Rege Retail:  RM39.20
REge TEman:  RM35.00
4. Thirstquake tumbler  (4) 470 ml
7.8 cm (D) x 16.7cm (H) 
7.8cm (D) x 19.4cm (H) - inc drinking spout
Rege Retail:  RM50.40
REge TEman:  RM45.00

5a & 5b. Beverage Buddy (1) 2 L
19.9 cm (L) x 9.9cm (W) x 22.2 cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM36.30
REge TEman:  RM34.00
 Choose yr Color: Margarita / Cool Aqua 

6. Cool Blue & Mint Green Eco Bottle (2) 1L
26.7cm (H) x 9.5cm (D)
Rege Retail:  RM49.80
REge TEman:  RM45.00

7. TIWI thirstquencher with strap (1)
11.6cm (D) x 17.4cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM36.90
Rege Buku:  RM32.90
REge TEman:  RM30.00

1. Water Dispenser (1) *14.5L
32.7cm (D) x 30.8cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM156.80
Rege Buku: RM117.60
REge TEman:  RM110.00

2. Outdoor Cooler (1) *8.7L
31.4cm (L) x 27.6cm (W)
Rege Retail:  RM99.80
REge TEman:  RM95.00

3. Small Goody Box with Carolier (4) 850 ml each
19.0cm (L) x 16.5cm (W)x 5.9 cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM73.80
REge TEman:  RM85.00

4. Large Square Away (4) 680 ml
15.5cm (L) x 14.5cm (W)x 4.5cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM61.60
REge TEman:  RM55.00

5. Go Flex (2) 950 ml
22.0cm (D) x 8.0cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM69.80
REge TEman:  RM60.00

1. Crystalwave divided dish (1)
22.2cm (D) x 8.17cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM38.70
Rege: RM31.00

Buy 2 Crystalwave divided dish
Free - cutlery spoon 2
worth RM10.40

On the go Pouch
Worth RM15.90
Only at RM7.90 nett

1. Crystalwave soup mug (2) 460 ml each
7.5 cm (H) x 16.2cm (D)
Rege Retail:  RM38.80
REge TEman:  RM34.00

2. Reheatable lunch mate (1) 1.25L
23.9cm (L) x 15.7cm (W)x 7.2cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM43.90
REge TEman:  RM37.00

3. Reheatable Divided Lunch Box (1) 850 ml
24.0cm (L) x 15.7cm (W)x 5.2 cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM39.90
REge TEman:  RM35.00

1. Large Square Round
12.8cm (L) x 11.5cm (W)x 20.5 cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM66.90
REge TEman:  RM60.00

2. Medium Square Round
12.8cm (L) x 11.5cm (W)x 9.0 cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM68.00
REge TEman:  RM61.00

3. Square Round (4) 500ml
12.8cm (L) x 11.5cm (W)x 5.5 cm (H)
Rege Retail:  RM49.60
REge TEman:  RM44.00

BUY Square Round gift set
comprises all the above
Get free - shallow square round (2)
Rege Retail:  RM169.00
Rege Buku: RM135.20
REge TEman:  RM127.00

4. Ezy oval keeper (2) 460ml
21.0cm (L) x 9cm (W)
Rege Retail:  RM32.00
Rege Buku:  RM19.20 
with every purchase of Square round gift set

1. Handy Cool (2) 1 L
23.7cm (H) x 10.5cm (D)
Rege Retail:  RM59.80
REge TEman:  RM50.00

2. Fridge Water Bottle (2) 1 L
28.4cm (H) x 11.8cm (W) x 11.8cm (L)
Rege Retail:  RM39.90
REge TEman:  RM35.00

** MY feberet item..must have this for my self

1. Precious baby collection
OneTouch Canister small (1)
Formula Dispenser (1)
Baby Bottle (2) 8 oz
New Tri-Flow Teat (2)
Rege Retail:  RM106.00
Rege Buku:  RM88
REge TEman:  RM79.00
1. FreezerMate Essential Set
FreezerMate Small II(2) 650ml
FreezerMate Medium I(1) 550ml
FreezerMate Medium II(2) 1.5L
FreezerMate Medium III(1) 2.3L
FreezerMate Large II (1) 1.3L
+ Gift Box

Rege Retail: RM193.00

Rege Teman :  RM173.00

2.  FreezerMate Medium Set
FreezerMate Medium I (3) 550ml
FreezerMate Medium II (2) 1.5L
FreezerMate Medium III (1) 2.3L
+ Gift Box
Rege Retail: RM154.30
Rege Teman: RM138.00

3.  FreezerMate Starter Set
FreezerMate Small I (2) 250ml
FreezerMate Small II (2) 650ml
FreezerMate Small III (2) 1L
+ Gift Box

Rege Retail: RM105.00

Rege TEman: RM95.00
1. Season Serve (1)
Rege Retail: RM49.80
Rege Teman: RM45.00

2. Large Stor N Pour (3) 650ml
9.0cm(D)x19.3cm(H)-inc cap
Rege Retail: RM63.00
REge Teman: RM59.00

3. Salt N Spice Set (2) 500ml
Retail: RM29.60